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Apropos, all that one hears about digital marketing, there is much more to it & also many myths to be debunked, dispelled. In the industrial age, marketing was done in traditional ways. But do you know why traditional marketing doesn’t work anymore and why digital marketing is the future of marketing? There are people who purportedly keep tinkering on social media but don’t seem to get ahead. Why is that? Do you know why some digital marketing campaigns become timeless while others remain silent to the audience? If you’re seeking answers to such questions, you may as well pat yourself in the back as you’ve made yourself land at the right place!
As we might see later in the article that the times are changing -and the old Kotler should now become the digital Kotler!
I am a marketing student and apart from all the appreciation that I have received from my teachers and all the things that I have done, I have been a part of the Digital Deepak Internship Program which is an internship program in digital marketing offered by Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju a.k.a Digital Deepak who is a successful digital marketer himself. Not fueling your ingenuity any further, here is a synopsis of the experience of the first two weeks of the internship. Read on!

Why traditional marketing doesn’t work anymore

Philip Kotler is widely known to be the father of modern marketing -traditional marketing. And he couldn’t have expected his field of study to pass this fast. But as we move from the industrial age – an age that started with the voyage of Columbus and ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall – to the information age, we must learn to relearn quickly. Just as Einstein’s famous equation e=mc2 was the defining theory of the industrial age, the defining theory of the information age is Moore’s law which spawned the current ideology that the amount of information doubles every 18 months. In other words, to keep up with the change you need to virtually relearn everything every 18 months.

That’s why so many people face difficulties in their jobs today. But as long as the digital age continues – and researches suggest that this is just the beginning – digital marketing is the skill of the future & is here to stay for a long time. Further, you can clearly see the shift that is happening all the time from traditional to digital – people shifting from TV, PCO’s to internet, mobiles and OTT’s. And that’s perfectly the reason why traditional marketing doesn’t work anymore!

Why some people don’t get ahead with their marketing campaigns

The first & most important thing that we are taught in the first two weeks of the internship is this – why many people don’t get ahead with their marketing campaigns aka the high-traffic blueprint.
The reason so many people fail is because they fail to understand all the components that are there in digital marketing and that they must work in integration to make their campaigns successful. In other words, and this is the most important thing, you cannot be successful in digital marketing by excelling at just one component. And digital marketing has six! When you start working on more than one element, they alternatively start feeding upon each other. The following are the six elements of digital marketing:

1. Content marketing

2. SEO

3. Social Media

4. Paid advertising

5. Email marketing

6. Sell & convert

This is one of the most important recipes of digital marketing that many people won’t tell you about. You may as well thank me for this!

Why some campaigns become timeless while others remain mum

If you can recall the Parisian love campaign – if not, then Google it, you will reminisce that it was one of the most loved marketing campaigns in its history. Will it blend? became an instant sensation on YouTube. While there are many such instances, what is it that makes these things go viral?
According to Jonah Berger, who is a marketing professor at the prestigious Wharton school of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and author of the best-selling book ‘ Contagious’, there are 6 elements which he found were common in successful marketing campaigns after numerous researches. He likes to call these elements STEPPS – and here I reveal them!

STEPPS- The magical elements

Social Currency




Practical value


Talking about Google’s Parisian Love campaign -it starts when a guy enters “study abroad Paris France” and clicks on one of the top search results to learn more. Later he searches for “cafes near Louvre,” and scans to find one he thinks he’ll like. You hear a female laugh in the background as his next entry is “translate tu es très mignon,” which he soon learns is French for “you are very cute.” Quickly he then seeks advice on how to “impress a French girl,” reads up on the suggestions, and searches for chocolate shops in Paris.
The music builds as the plot unfolds. We follow the searcher as he transitions from job hunting to seeking long-distance relationship advice. The video ends with a simple message, “Search on.”
You cannot watch this clip without having your heartstrings tugged. It’s romantic, joyous, and inspiring all at once. I still fell tingles every time I see it, and I have watched it dozens of times.
By focusing on feelings aka EMOTIONS, Google turned a normal ad into a viral hit.
The reason why WILL IT BLEND? became an overnight sensation was it minted social currency very quickly. Those who saw it were amazed by it and subsequently told their peers to watch the video as well. And there it was – woosh – it spread like a wildfire. Also you & me know we want to look cool in front of others rather than dumb. And the best way to look cool is – talk about cool things i.e, talk about things which generate social currency!
While the book is filled with numerous examples with groundbreaking research, discussing some more of them will make the article just longer. You might as well read the book while you try to awake your digital Kotler.

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